Charitable number: 129060877 RR0001

Your donated dollars can help the Saskatoon Housing Coalition work diligently in addressing the housing needs of the City of Saskatoon for individuals who are living with a chronic mental illness and addiction issue. Currently our organization is working on a capital project of developing a multipurpose site to co-locate a couple of programs and expand our affordable housing units. 100 percent of all donations will go directly into the capital costs of developing an effective and responsive continuum of services to our client group.



  • Ability to develop an additional affordable apartment units to provide transitional supports to assist individuals on their journey of recovery from their mental health symptoms
  • Reduces the development costs which enables us to keep our rents below market
  • Ability to move from an aging house into a space that is accessible and designed more efficiently for program delivery for 5 clients at any given time
  • Ability to more efficiently use staffing resources in program delivery

To donate to this worthy cause, you can send a cheque to the address below or pay by pay-pal.


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